Monday, April 6, 2009


I have not ever had a site just for blogging. BUT I think that I need a venue to get out my frustrations and possibly get the world's opinions on things in my life. I think over all I am a good person, but I seem to be making a ton of mistakes and just am overall

Initially when I thought about starting to blog, I figured it would just deal with the annoyances of my ex husband in relation to the kids. I can write several books. And plan to write a ton soon just so I don't forget the stupidity. Cuz I do. I forget and I don't want to do that.

NOW, I'm wondering if maybe I should have two blogs cuz I could also write several books about what I'm messing up in my love life. UGH.....I'm so beyond retarted...I thought I would have learned from my mistakes, but seems I have really screwed up again.

So for now, I'll end this with the question, should I do one blog or two???? LOL Any and all opinions are welcome

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